Many Canadians share the same goals; to become debt free sooner or to better manage the day-to-day cash flow challenges many of us face. In a nutshell, I work with my clients to achieve those goals. I love what I do, because helping my client’s achieve their financial goals, is ultimately allowing them to live the life they desire.


Get in the best financial shape of your life.

Raised by a single mom, Jason McKague grew up seeing what it meant to work hard. He learned how to be smart with his money early in life, and, as a child, was aware that he wanted to help people. He never imagined when he was young, however, that he’d grow up to fund thousands of men and women millions of dollars.


The Manulife Life

While attending the University of Waterloo, Jason purchased a home. In 2010, he reached out to a Manulife representative about switching his mortgage over to an all-in-one model. He immediately enjoyed positive results in his finances and began sharing his results with whoever would listen. Because of his passion for the company and his approachable personality, Jason was soon presented with the chance to become a Manulife agent representing the Barrie region. He jumped at the opportunity and spent eight years working for Manulife after graduating from U of W.

Taking a page from his mother’s book of hard work, Jason also spent his early twenties working as a personal trainer. Clients opened up to him about not only their fitness goals, but also their financial goals. Jason had a revelation when he realized that everyone has health goals and everyone has financial goals. That financial health is the perfect parallel to physical health; everyone wants it, but if you don’t have a plan or a coach to show you the way, it’s very easy to fail. Or, it can take many years to get where you want to ultimately end up.

Jason’s financial approach is the same he used for his personal training clients—he gets to know the person and their needs by listening to their goals and learning their limits, and then he creates a customized plan just for them.


Thoughtful, thorough approach

Within five years, Jason became Manulife’s top seller in Canada. He won the bank’s quarterly award every quarter for three years and was ranked 1st in Canada back to back for previous years. He’s built up a strong business through referrals, which allowed him to help thousands of people, funding close to $200 million for his clients.



Grateful for the opportunity afforded to him through his time at Manulife, Jason had decided to branch out and become his own Mortgage Agent. Like the plans he creates for his clients, he has made one for himself that includes furthering his credentials and bringing more added value to his clients.


Above and beyond

Jason is proud of the strong reputation he’s built for himself in the Barrie region and hopes to help many more people find their own version of financial freedom.

When he’s not working on a mortgage application or negotiating on a client’s behalf, Jason enjoys playing hockey and improving his golf game.

Guiding Principles



The old-fashioned face-to-face, in-person meeting will always be a priority for me. The relationships created with you is the reason I enjoy what I do so much, and the reason for my success in what I do. Getting to know you and your goals is critical in creating the right strategy.


After spending time as a personal trainer I strongly believe that having a goal is the fuel for the fire. Without a goal, there is no reason to create a strategy and a plan. I believe that most people don’t reach their financial potential, simply because they have not solidified their goal.


I am an athletic person who tackles life with a strategy. Once we determine your goals, I will immediately begin planning to strategically get you to the finish line. My track record proves that I am successful and confident in choosing the right approach for you.


Where there’s a will, there’s a way! I whole heartedly believe that when you stay positive and you see the positive in people, it is easy to be optimistic towards the future. Even when things do not work out, I remain optimistic that after a little time and the right strategy, it will!


Financial freedom means something different to everyone. Living mortgage free, having investment properties, having the ability to travel are a few common goals. Planning for financial freedom is the act of positioning yourself to embrace life’s opportunities as they come.


In this industry, relationships are built on trust and I believe that running a transparent operation is mandatory. Whether it is my experience, my opinion, or details on the approval process, I will always be open and honest along the way. Ask me anything!

Everyone deserves to live the life they are reaching for.

Unbelievably dedicated...

“Jason is unbelievably dedicated. It’s hard to find anything wrong with the way he runs his business.”


– Heather Haddon

Not your average sales guy...

“Jason is honest and upfront about everything! He is personable and loves to customize the solution for his specific client. He’s really not your average “sales guy”. With Jason, you’ll walk away feeling you have a friend.”

– Steve Taylor

Solves problems beautifully...

“Jason is effective, efficient and knowledgeable. He solves problems beautifully and I would recommend him without hesitation.”

– Julie Muir

The value of a relationship...

“Jason won’t try to position himself in a good place, but rather looks for what he could to for his clients – always keeping their best interest at heart. He truly understands the value of a relationship.”

– Guy Close

The Process

The process starts off with a quick phone conversation where we will schedule an in-person meeting at your address and at your convenience.


The initial meeting is about getting to know you. What are your goals? What are your needs? What strategy will we take to get you there?


At this stage of the game, we complete any required supporting documents and I will begin negotiating with lenders on your behalf.


An evaluation and full appraisal of the property will need to be completed through an accredited appraiser.


At this point, we will sign off and review approval options.

We will come together one last time, finalizing all legal work and you will sign off on registering documents.


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