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Jason McKague, Mortgage Broker

The McKague Way

Dreaming of an investment property?

Wondering what to do with your equity?

Want to pay down your mortgage faster?

Our clients all have one thing in common:
They want more.

And they choose us because
we make “more” happen.

We’ll look at the whole picture, answer your phone calls (yes, really), and do whatever it takes to get you where you want to be. We do a huge volume of business which has led to great relationships with many different lenders. This is our competitive advantage, and it’s how we’re able to work magic.

Why a mortgage broker?

Guiding Principles


Our investment in relationships makes us, and our clients, successful. We’re connectors. We value our rich relationships with lawyers, legal assistants, lenders, team members and of course, the people we serve.


We see our clients as people with dreams of bigger, richer lives. We’ll look at your goals and your unique situation. No matter where you’re starting from, we can make something better happen for you.


Everyone deserves a home that they love and the peace of mind of having financial security. We aren’t motivated by sales. We’re motivated by putting deals together that help people live richer lives.


Relationships are built on trust and we believe that running a transparent operation is mandatory. We will always be open and honest about possibilities, and welcome our clients to ask us anything.

So, what’s your more?

Whatever it is, you’ll get it faster with our team behind you.

Jason McKague

Mortgage Broker

Jason has been helping home buyers with their mortgage needs since 2012 when he joined Manulife Bank of Canada as a Senior Banking Consultant. During his time with Manulife, Jason received a number of accolades, including the #1 producer in Canada. In 2016, backed by the support of Invis, Jason left Manulife to become his own mortgage agent at and is now proudly working as a broker.

Jason takes tremendous pride in the service he provides his clients. Thanks to the relationships he’s carefully been building with lenders over the years, Jason is able to help almost anyone fulfill their dream of homeownership. In the odd case where financial help isn’t available, he consults with clients to help them on a path that’ll put them into their own homes sooner. Jason doesn’t close the door on a client after the documents are signed as he enjoys working with each of his home buyers on a long-term basis, helping them into the future as their needs change.

When he’s not working on a mortgage application or negotiating on a client’s behalf, Jason enjoys playing hockey and improving his golf game.

Jason continues to be recognized for his hard work in his industry:

  • Awarded National Top 1% 2020 INVIS Brokerage
  • Featured in Canadian Mortgage Professional with a 2020 Rising Star Award
  • Featured in Canadian Mortgage Professional with a 2018 Young Guns Award


Lic #M16000898

Call (705) 984-6663

Jeremy Dyck

Mortgage Agent

Want a competitive edge getting a mortgage or refinancing?
As a former competitive waterskier for Team Canada, I have the drive, dedication, and competitive advantage to help you with all of your needs. Being a dad and lifelong athlete, you will find no one that will work harder for you and your family.

Want a mortgage broker that “gets’ you and your situation?
With an extensive background in construction, renovations, and being self-employed, I know the challenges you face for mortgage approvals, construction loans, and wanting to make your dreams come true. My goal is to make that happen for you.

Do all the options and rules have you wondering what to do?
I help homebuyers understand the different types of loans and choose the best rates and options for their individual goals, needs, and budget. I also offer a range of refinancing options for existing homeowners, helping customers reduce payments and get better interest rates

First-time buyer?
I can teach first-time homebuyers to understand the available lending options and make smart decisions for a secure financial future and even pay off their mortgage faster.

Why choose me?
I have the confidence, competence, and experience to get the job done. I possess infinite industry knowledge, world-class results, and a commitment to excellence. I will take the time to understand your unique mortgage requirements, cost-saving opportunities, specialized knowledge, objective advice, and superior customer service. Regardless of whether it’s a new purchase, a debt consolidation, or the refinance of an existing property, I am with you every step of the way.

So what are you going to do with the time and money you save?

Lic #M20001041

Call 705-321-4676

Malcolm McSorley

Mortgage Agent

Malcolm joined the team in 2018. With a very successful entrepreneurial background, owning and operating four Pita Pit restaurants and an event trailer for the past sixteen years, Malcolm has a wealth of self-employed experience. During his business endeavors with Pita Pit, he was continuously recognized as one of Pita Pit’s top franchisees in Canada. In 2011, Malcolm was awarded by the Ontario Hostelry Institute as one of the Top 30 under 30.

Malcolm’s secret to achieving success is staying focused on providing the highest quality service and surrounding himself with passionate individuals. Malcolm strives to help his clients with the very best mortgage options that align with their current needs and ultimately help them achieve their financial goals. Supported by a team of professionals, every effort is made for his clients to experience a smooth process.

When Malcolm is not working, he cherishes the time spent with his wife and three children valuing the importance of family life, while squeezing in some squash and golf with his friends.

Lic #M18002779

Call (705) 606-4822

Matt Laferriere

Senior Mortgage Underwriter

Throughout his career in the mortgage industry, Matt has held a number of positions, including five years spent working as a mortgage underwriter with Home Trust, one of Canada’s major lenders. Today, Matt works with McKague Mortgages as a Senior Mortgage Underwriter. In this role, he’s responsible for a number of crucial tasks, from initial set up through to closing, including daily review of lender rates and products, credit bureau analysis, and communication with all parties, ultimately ensuring a smooth mortgage experience for homebuyers. Having held positions including the administrator, independent agent, fulfillment officer, and as a mortgage underwriter, Matt has a great perspective on how mortgage lenders operate, and he’s able to explain the process to clients in an easy-to-understand manner.

Matt enjoys spending time with his wife, Stephanie, and their dogs, Skyler and Jaxson. He also plays hockey year-round, is an avid golfer, and enjoys hitting the slopes on his snowboard.

Fax: (866) 253-2525 

Call (705) 796-5078

Steve Quesnel

Mortgage Agent

Steve has been an independent Life Insurance Advisor since 2009. He has had a great deal of experience working with retirees, business owners, and families.

Steve took a unique route into the financial services industry – a route that exemplifies his passion for helping and protecting people. Steve comes from a background in Emergency Services and has trained extensively in helping and protecting people in emergency situations. Combined with his training in the financial services industry, Steve has incorporated this helping and protecting approach by customizing individual insurance and investment programs to suit his clients.

When he’s not helping and protecting his clients, Steve enjoys playing hockey, playing the odd round of golf, and refereeing Masters Lacrosse. Steve and his wife Charlene of over 20 years have two grown children; Alex, Danielle and their third child, a Yorkie named Oliver.

Lic #M18000474

Call (705) 220-1541


First-Time Home Buyers

Investment Opportunities

Cash Flow Planning

Secured Lines of Credit
Renovation Financing

Mortgage Renewals

Self Employed

All-In-One Banking

Based on 203 reviews
Erin T.
My partner and I are recent first time home buyers. McKague mortgages was suggested to us by a family friend and we... were more than happy with our experience. Jason and Matt and super approachable and very knowledgeable. They were able to answer all of my questions and assist with any concerns I had. These guys are great and we will definitely be using their services again in the future! Thanks again guys for all you did for us. 10/10read more
Saarah T.
I had the pleasure to work with Matt to arrange our mortgage for our house purchase. We are first time home buyers and... Matt was happy to answer all my questions and provide all the extra details that I was looking for. He also worked hard to help meet our needs in terms of the type of mortgage we were looking for.We also had a very tight timeline to close and he did his absolute best to get everything arranged in the most timely manner possible and over a long weekend. He also followed up with us closer to closing to ensure that everything was moving forward smoothly with the other vendors that we needed to work with. Would recommend Matt and Jason's Team to any one looking to get a mortgage, 100%!!!!read more
Jonathan T.
Jason and team were great. Helped us secure our first mortgage during very uncertain times! Recommend.
Steve G.
Jason and Matt were an absolute pleasure to work with. They offered an amazing rate and made the entire process stress... free and easy to navigate. If you’re looking for a new mortgage or refinancing, they should be your first call!read more
Janis B.
I recently had the pleasure of working with Jason McKague to review my present financial needs and mortgage. Jason was... very knowledgeable, professional and able to make me both comfortable and confident with the process. He patiently explained my options and the benefits of each one , giving me good advice on which would work best for my situation.I highly recommend Jason as he identified my needs and assisted me promptly to be in a much better financial position each month. I am more
Adam P.
Jason and his team (Matt) were unbelievably professional with helping me renew my mortgage. They gave me all the... information I needed and helped every step along the way. As a business owner, it can be more difficult sometimes to get mortgages. This was not the case, when working with Jason and his team. I would highly recommend this mortgage company if renewing or getting a new mortgage or shopping around. They will do everything they need to do to make sure you’re set up right.Thanks again for an awesome experience.Adam-Barrieread more
Carolyn C.
Simply amazing, no fuss no muss, just excellent service.Truly cares about their clients!Highly recommend!!
Darrell C.
Jason has helped me with my last two mortgage arrangements and couldn’t be happier.
Heather B.
Matt at McKague Mortgages was fantastic. I needed him for things that went above and beyond his job and he was always... helpful. He made the experience much smoother. I would recommend him to anyone. If i could give him 6 stars i more
Kristal C
Jason has helped us several times with our mortgages. He has provided helpful guidance and advice, and seeks out the... best rates for his client. We continue to be repeat customers. Thank you!read more
Michael De A.
I recently worked with Jason and Matt at McKague Mortgages and I have to say I am thoroughly impressed with their... professionalism and expertise.They were able to help me with a variety of options and ultimately beat the rates that I was being offered elsewhere.Throughout the entire process, they were very communicative and made sure to keep me informed every step of the way. This was particularly helpful as the application was time-sensitive and somewhat stressful. Overall, I would highly recommend McKague Mortgages and commend Jason and Matt for their outstanding more
Great people and great service!
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What's Our More?

We have dreams, too!

While we wait to hear all about your more, we want to share ours with you. Just like you, our dreams involve our home. But not our physical home—our beautiful home here in Simcoe County. 

More Good

As our client list grows, our team grows. And as our team grows, so does our ability to do more good in the community.

More involvement

We love giving back to our community! We join the clubs, we attend the fundraisers, we buy local and we support the causes. We want to make a difference!

More fundraising

We are proud supporters of Easter Seals, Big Brothers and Sisters, and we participate in all kinds of fundraising initiatives. Our next goal is to choose a beneficiary and start our own charity.

When you choose McKague, you’ll get more from your mortgage while giving more to your community.

Interested in joining our team?

If you are dedicated, determined, and would go to all lengths for our clients… send us a note.

All-In-One Banking

Your home is worth more than just profit on the day you sell it. Did you know that you can have it work for you all along the way? Let’s talk. 

Self Employed

We have relationships with many lenders who understand the self-employed lifestyle. You have more options than you could imagine!

Mortgage Renewals

Renewing your mortgage should not be taken lightly. Simply finding a better rate will shave THOUSANDS off your loan, which will be better spent elsewhere. 

Renovation Financing

Using the equity in your home to cover your renovation and upgrade costs makes sense. We can help. 

Secured Lines of Credit

What’s nicer to sit on than a nice soft cushion? A secured line of credit is like a pillow for your finances. Give us a shout and we’ll explain.


Before you dive into the market, give us a call so we can show you what you qualify for and explore the best options for your situation. 

Cash Flow Planning

What’s the point of working so hard if you don’t have anything to show for it? If you have a mortgage, you have cash flow options. Let us show you.

Investment Opportunities

If the only thing standing between you and an amazing opportunity is money, let’s talk. We’ll do what we can to help you find the funds.

First-Time Home Buyers

You’re probably feeling equal parts excited and nervous right now. Let’s set aside some time to go through all the questions you’re chewing on.

There are three main reasons why people choose a mortgage broker over a bank:

1. Variety

A bank can only offer you its own products but a mortgage broker has relationships with multiple lenders. This gives us the ability to negotiate on your behalf for the best rate and the best product.

2. Savings

Mortgage brokers that do a high quantity of business enjoy volume discounts from lenders. And those discounts get passed on to our clients.

3. Knowledge

An experienced mortgage broker has a deep understanding of the overall mortgage market. We know which lender is going to be most likely to help you according to your situation.

Ready to see for yourself why we’re the better option? Give us a call.

What’s our more?

We have dreams, too!

While we wait to hear all about your more, we want to share ours with you. Just like you, our dreams involve our home. But not our physical home—our beautiful home here in Simcoe County. 

More Good

As our client list grows, our team grows. And as our team grows, so does our ability to do more good in the community.

More involvement

We are involved in a job finding club for immigrants, we play at every golf tournament possible, and [something else they do]. But there’s always room for more. 

More fundraising

We are proud supporters of Easter Seals, Big Brothers and Sisters, and we participate in all kinds of fundraising initiatives. Our next goal is to choose a beneficiary and start our own charity.

More beauty

We want to put more of our profits into beautification projects around Simcoe County, whether through community gardens or adopting a building that’s seen better days.

When you choose McKague, you’ll get more from your mortgage while giving more to your community.